Pre-Kindergarten Experience


St. Mary’s recognizes that each child is a gift made in God’s image. Our pre-kindergarten program offers young children a wonderful opportunity to grow, explore, and learn. Through the intercession of our patroness Mary, Seat of Wisdom, our school strives to lead all its students into a joyful relationship with God. We are committed to the spiritual, academic, social, and emotional formation of each child in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.


Our pre-kindergarten curriculum is child-centered and developmentally appropriate. Using early childhood instructional strategies, our students learn and develop according to their individual abilities. We use Letter-of-the-Week to introduce each letter of the alphabet and its sound. Varied and engaging activities help our students gain pre-literacy and pre-writing skills. These skills are infused daily into each lesson, whether it be through art, music, manipulatives, class discussions, mobile technology, or journal writing. Children benefit from having a full-time instructional assistant working alongside their teacher.

Our current 1:8 ratio affords our preschool students individualized instruction. Their personal creations are displayed prominently. Spanish is taught twice a week. Our children also have the opportunity to explore science, math, reading, and dramatic play through center-based activities.


The focus of our mission, always, is the fact that Christ is at the center of all we do. Our Catholicity is central to all we embody and accomplish at St. Mary’s. We provide a caring and secure environment where our students can live the Christian values of our faith. Our children begin and end their school days with a guided prayer.  In addition to prayer, our pre-kindergarten students learn about the Catholic Faith through classroom instruction, attending Mass, and celebrating the Holy Seasons of the Catholic calendar, such as Advent, Christmas, and Easter. Above all, our goal is to educate our children in the ways of our Catholic Faith.


ü To provide a creative learning environment for the young child;

ü To promote the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth of each child;

ü To develop a positive self-image and acknowledge each child’s self-worth.

Daily Schedule

·         Arrival: Journal Time and Free Play

·         Group Time: Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar

·         Activity:  Arts and Crafts, Centers

·         Snack Time

·         Guided Lesson: Letter-of-the-Week

·         Recess: Outdoor Play

·         Guided Lesson: Religion

·         Story time through reading and interactive discussion

·         Prayer

Pre-K at a Glance

ü  Five-day-a-week program, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 

ü  Class ratio 1:8

ü  Healthy snack provided daily

ü  Parent-teacher conferences twice a year

ü  Field trips

Why St. Mary's?

St. Mary’s provides its students with a 21st century learning environment, which includes mobile technologies, such as iPads. We also practice differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s pre-kindergarten experience. There will be opportunities to serve as a resource person on field trips and become an integral part of your child’s school “family.”

Age Eligibility

Children must be four years old by September 30 of the enrollment year. Children must be toilet-trained.  


St. Mary’s uses FACTS as its online tuition and fee management service. Tuition is drawn from your FACTS account in 12 monthly payments, starting in June. Other fees will apply. 

Pre-kindergarten tuition for 2016-2017

Per child: $5,220 plus fees.  


For questions about Pre-Kindergarten Admissions, please contact our Registrar.:

703-549-1646 ext. 4910

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