Additional Parent Resources/Summer Reading

Over the course of the year we will post information on this page that we think would be helpful to our parents.  Our hope is that you will find these resources useful and of interest. 

New Parent Orientation Presentation (Mrs. Cantwell 8/13/12.  PowerPoint)

Middle School Orientation Presentation (Mrs. Canavan 6/26/14.  PowerPoint)

Data Driven Instruction and the Role of Terra Nova Testing (Mrs. Cantwell 10/24/12.  PowerPoint)

 In 2012, St. Mary's School conducted a year long self-study as part of our diocesan re-accreditation process.  The school was awarded re-accreditation as a result.  The self-study document can be found here.

2012 DFE Self-Study Document

Information Programs for Prospective Teachers in the Diocese of Arlington (2013)