Student Life

Student life at St. Mary's is about intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical growth. 


Whether in class, at church, or at play, we strive to meet the needs and interests of our growing and changing students.  We work hard to offer leadership opportunities, programs to become involved in the community, and the chance to discover individual talents and new interests. 

Although by Diocesan standards our school is large, the feel is quite small.  Many of our students begin and end their elementary and middle school education at St. Mary's, spending ten years with us.  Some students join us mid-way through their elementary school journey. Our class sizes, clubs and activities all make the transition easier for those students.  There is a strong sense of community at St. Mary's, and there is also a strong commitment to help our students develop the moral character and confidence they will need both at St. Mary's and in the world beyond.


 “For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth.”

(Psalm 71:5)