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Our Mission Statement

The Basilica School of Saint Mary through the intercession of our patroness Mary, Seat of Wisdom, strives to lead all its students into joyful relationship with God. We are committed to the spiritual, academic, social and emotional formation of each child in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.


  • Learning is fostered through a strong parent-school partnership and collaboration being mindful that parents are their children’s primary educators.
  • Each person possesses unique God-given talents and can flourish in a disciplined, fair and respectful learning environment.
  • We recognize that students learn differently, but their need for understanding is universal.
  • Teachers serve as a model for life-long learning with the commitment to high quality work that we want to instill in our students.
  • Learning requires students have access to a challenging curriculum by establishing reasonable and fair expectations and through the use of best practices.
  • Students will reach their full potential by establishing goals, taking risks, and learning from their experiences.
  • Students will discover that they have a mission given by God through an ever progressing life of sacraments, prayer, and service.