Each year, school families, relatives, alumni and friends are invited to play a critical role in supporting the annual financial stability and program advancement of our school.

The most effective and impactful way to show your support of the Basilica School of Saint Mary is to make a fully tax-deductible gift to the school’s Go Saints! Fund

Tuition and fees do not cover the true cost of educating each student.  For the 2023-24 school year, the difference between actual cost and what is charged for tuition is $2,000. This is close to a $900,000 collective savings for our school families. 

If we are to continue to provide close to a million dollars in saving for our school families, we must also look to you, members of our school and parish community, school alumni, and extended family and friends and ask you to discern as great a financial invest in the school that you can make via the Go Saints! Fund. 


Today, more than ever, our children need the foundation of a Catholic upbringing to help them meet the challenges of the modern world and to achieve true success in time and in eternity. It is the mission of the Basilica of Saint Mary to continue this tradition with uninterrupted operations of our parish elementary school over the last 154 years. Working together, we are forming future adults, responsible citizens, faithful Christians, mature fathers and mothers, future priests and consecrated religious.

Please email Mary Ellen O'Leary at meoleary@smsva.org or Anne Mathis at amathis@smsva.org if you have any questions regarding the Go Saints! Fund.