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Premier Catholic School

The Basilica School of Saint Mary is a premier Catholic parochial school with an annual enrollment of 720 Pre-K through 8th grade students. In addition, the school is a major center of parish life in service to 54 apostolate groups and more than 7,000 parishioners thriving in a community of faithful at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Old Town Alexandria.

To advance and better deliver the school’s academic curriculum and ensure our students are equipped with 21st century learning tools/experiences and to provide our growing parishioners base with greater opportunities to engage with one another, we will embark on an extraordinary campus and facilities renovation and expansion project. 


  • To transform the Basilica School of Saint Mary’s historic role as a great parochial school into an exceptional and leading 21st century Catholic elementary institution. 
  • To fortify our school as a center of parish life for our growing base of parishioners and associated apostolates. 


For 150 years, our parish community has placed the Catholic education and faith formation of children as a central mission and evangelization priority. Our school’s Catholic identity and commitment to confirming “the whole person” continue to flourish and span multi-generations of Catholic faithful who have grown to become exemplary citizens of our country and our community. 

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