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Welcome back students and families!

We are looking forward to seeing you for the new school year!


To ensure a successful start to the year we ask that you please review all of the topics listed in the accordion below. Most school forms may be completed online.  Health Forms and Extended Day Forms may be printed, completed, and mailed or brought to school. 

PAPER FORMS are DUE no later than Monday, August 26, 2019. 

You may:

1. Bring them with you to school on Friday, August 23, "Sneak-a-Peek" day for grades 1-8, from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. 

2. For kindergarten students, bring forms with you to school on your “Meet and Greet” day which is on Thursday, August 22. Information has been sent in an email to each kindergarten family to notify parents and their kindergarten students of their 30 minute time slot to visit their classroom. (No siblings, please). 


3. Mail them to us at: The Basilica School of Saint Mary, 400 Green St., Alexandria, VA 22314 Attn: Back to School 

Pre-K students will receive their own Back to School information packet later in August.


POWER SCHOOL - Update required account information. MANDATORY all students.







ALL families are required to complete the information below for EACH of your students, no later than August 23. The PowerSchool Parent Portal will be open on August 15.

New Families should look for PowerSchool account information in an email sent August 9.

Contact Kathy Nealon at: knealon@smsva.org if you need login assistance.

  • DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION - enter new or updated demographic information. Please make sure that ALL information is added for each one of your children.
  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS - enter new or updated emergency contact information
  • MEDIA RELEASE -  Please read carefully! Questions will be asked regarding the use of your student's image for print, video, or audio, and/or name for use in our communications produced by the school, church, or the diocese. These are required questions and your answers may not be changed during the school year, so please take care to answer them thoughtfully.
  • SCHOOL DIRECTORY: To be included in the school directory, select YES (for each student) from the dropdown menu. If you choose YES, all demographic information you have entered or updated for both parents will be included. If you DO NOT ANSWER this question by August 23, you will NOT BE INCLUDED in the directory.

Households with more than one address must send an email to aross@smsva.org if they want to be listed separately, by August 23; otherwise, students will be listed in the directory under the "primary" household.

Families will receive one directory per family. Additional directories will be available for purchase in the school office for $10.

Click here to enter PowerSchool

SCHOOL DIRECTORY - All Families Included AFTER opting in YES for EACH student.

To be included in school directory, parents must answer the question YES for each student, in the PowerSchool Summer Demographic Update before August 23. 

If this question is left unanswered, for each student, they will NOT be included in the directory.

  • If a student lives in 2 separate households, and parents want the households to be listed separately, please send an email to aross@smsva.org, by August 23, indicating your preference. If we do not hear from you by August 23, then your students will be shown in the directory under the "primary" household name.
  • If you want specific information removed from the directory, for example, delete a mother's cell phone, or father's email address, please send an email with your specific and very clear request to aross@smsva.org.

Families will receive one printed copy of a directory free of charge. Additional copies will be made available for $10 each and may be purchased in the main office.

HANDBOOK - Read and complete online Agreement Form. MANDATORY for all students.

Parents/Guardians please read

The Basilica School of Saint Mary Elementary Parent/Student Handbook 


Preschool Parent/Student Handbook


submit an online Handbook Agreement form. 

This must be completed by August 23.


HEALTH FORMS - Please review to determine which are mandatory.

All returning families must print and complete the Confidential Health History Update Form.

NEW students must be in the process of completing, or have already completed, the School Health Entrance form.

All other forms must be completed as needed.

Forms are due no later than August 26, You may choose turn them in at either the Grades 1-8 Sneak-A-Peek on August 23. or the Kindergarten Meet-and-Greet on August 22.


All students in grades K-8 must have this form submitted by the first day of school. You complete one form for all of your children attending school this year with the exception of Prekindergarten students. They do not walk to The Basilica for mass or other spiritual events. 

Walk to Church permission form Grades K-8


New this year, 2019-2020, there will be Extended Morning Care available!

WHEN: Starting September 3, 2019

TIME: 7:00 - 7:30 am (Gates Close at 7:20am)  On days when school has a delayed start, Morning Care will operate. One hour delay will operate from 8:00 - 8:25am. Two hour delay will operate from 9:00 - 9:25 am.

COST: $6 per child for any arrival time listed above, plus registration fee of $35, unless previously paid for Extended Day After Care.  Billing will occur through FACTS on the 15th of the next month.


BREAKFAST: Not Available

LOCATION: Cafeteria - Quiet games and activities will be provided. Children will be escorted at 7:30 am to  join the rest of the students arriving to school.

HOW DOES THIS WORK? Think of afternoon pick-up in reverse. The gates will open at 6:50 am. You are directed to enter the blacktop in a single file line in front of door #2. Children remain in their vehicles. At 7:00 am, staff will blow their whistle and children will proceed to line up behind the orange barricades. At that time, you will be given the ALL CLEAR sign to leave. Follow one another out of the blacktop on to Royal Street, exiting as you came in.  DO NOT make any attempt to exit behind the GYM as it is one way at that time for Faculty and Staff arrival.

HOW DO I REGISTER? You register by completing the online registration form here and agree to the policies and guidelines outlined in the EXTENDED DAY POLICIES AND GUIDELINES to participate in the Morning Care program.QUESTIONS? Email Mrs. Anne Hampton: ahampton@smsva.org or call 703-570-6091.

Morning Care Registration and Consent form


If you have NOT submitted your registration contract for the Extended Day Program for the 2019-2020 school year, please print and complete. This form was made available to our families last May.

All families MUST COMPLETE the program form even if you do not intend on using the program! We need the information to establish who is allowed to pick up your child in the case of an emergency or they are not picked up in carpool, and your child is sent to Extended Day. Please review the form to determine which sections we require.

Pre-K students and Mater Dei students do not use Extended Day so this contract is not required.

NOTE: Students attending Extended Day on August 27, the first day of the program, should bring lunch.
Milk will be provided or may be purchased if your student is not enrolled in the milk program.

The Basilica School of Saint Mary provides an Extended Day Program in a safe and Christian atmosphere after school for children in grades Kindergarten through eight. The Program offers a supervised optional study hall for grades 2-8 as well as supervised activities and play. In this environment, children grow in all aspects and are allowed time for interaction with other students. All school policies as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook apply to Extended Day.

Extended Day must be contracted regardless of drop-in, part-time or full-time usage. Please note that Extended Day spaces are limited and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Details on pricing and hours can be found in the extended day contract.

Hours of Operation: After School - 6:00 PM. Exceptions to the Extended Day Calendar are posted on the school-wide calendar.

Extended Day is not in session on the following days:

  • 1st day of school
  • Conference day (November)
  • Day before Thanksgiving break
  • December 20
  • Holy Thursday
  • Last day of school


Questions? Please send an email to Mrs. Hampton at: ahampton@smsva.org or call the direct line at (703)570-6091.

PICKUP PATROL - Update August 19 Dismissal Plans & Absence Notification System. MANDATORY ALL STUDENTS




Patrol is the online program (and phone app) our parents use to

  1. Inform the school of their children's after school (default) dismissal plans, and as needed, any changes in dismissal plans
  2. Notify the school of your child's absence due to illness or other reason.

Action Required:

  • New families should look for an email from PickUp Patrol, with a link for immediate sign on to create your child(ren)'s dismissal plan(s) and then set up the app on their cell phone. The link is only active for 48 hours after it is received.
  • Returning families, please log in to update your app and set up your default dismissal plan for each of your children.
  • The link to the updated PUP program is https://app.pickuppatrol.net/parents

New PickUp Patrol App

To provide you with better tools to communicate dismissal plans with our school, PickUp Patrol has a new Progressive Web App (PWA) that is delivered through the web rather than from an app store like Google Play or The App Store for iPhone. The old app is no longer available from these stores.

The App has these advantages and features:

  • Easier, faster logins
  • Plans that repeat can be submitted as one entry
  • Review and edit Default Plans directly in the app
  • Quicker access to new features

Here’s how to get the update:

  • Open this link: https://app.pickuppatrol.net/parents.
  • Log in and then add the page to your home screen. (Instructions for how to do this vary by phone and platform, but are easily located on the internet.)
  • Delete the old app. Any plan changes already submitted will be saved.


Please notify Mrs. Shawn Kelly at skelly@smsva.org if you need help.


LUNCH and MILK - EZSchoolPay and Milk Form


Nutritious hot and cold lunch offerings are made available to our students. All families are required to use EZschool Pay to pay lunch bills. Please set up your EZ School Pay lunch account for your child(ren), if you do not have one. Once your account is set up, or if you are a returning account holder, please add funds to your account with a valid credit card. When setting up your account, be sure to select the box to receive an email notification should your account balance become negative. As a convenience and to avoid your balance going too low, risking your child the ability to purchase lunch, we highly recommend that you set up automatic recurring payments when balances reach a certain level, or on a monthly or weekly basis. If you do not have an EZschool Pay account linked to a valid credit card, your student will not be authorized to purchase lunch.

Click here for EZschool Pay Sign up Instructions

Should your account carry a negative balance over $50, your account will be made inactive and your child/ren will not be able to purchase lunch until the account is paid. If there are unpaid/negative balances on your account at the end of a trimester, report cards will be held until the account is paid in full. You can check to see if you are enrolled at http://www.ezschoolpay.com/. You will need your student IDs to set up your accounts. Student IDs for students new to school will be sent in the summer. Siblings of current students that are new to the school will need to be added to your account. If you need your student ID, or have any questions or concerns with your lunch account, please send your child(ren's) name(s) along with your request to stmaryoffice@smsva.org.

The daily lunch menu is posted on the school calendar. Every attempt is made to use fresh and unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods. Everything is sold a la carte.

Description  2019-20 
Main Entrée $2.00
Side item (fruit, fries..etc) $1.25
Cereal $1.25
Freschetta Pizza $2.50
Granola Bar (Fiber One) $1.25
Hard Boiled Eggs (2) $1.55
Sandwich $2.00
Small Caesar Salad $2.00
Small Salad $2.15
Yogurt $0.75
Juice $0.75
Small Orange Juice $1.05
Large Water $1.50
Small Water $0.85


The Department of Agriculture subsidizes school milk and makes it available to all students. The cost for one carton of milk daily at lunch, per student, is $55 for the school year, for students in grades kindergarten - 8. If you would like your child to have more than one carton of milk at lunch each day please indicate how many, and type that in the form. For example, should you select 2 milks per day for your student your account would show an $110 withdraw for the year. Your FACTS account will evidence a withdraw for this program on September 20, 2019 per your selections indicated. No checks or hard copy forms are required.

On-Line Form Due Date: August 23, 2019

FACTS withdraw: September 20, 2019

Fee: $55 annually per milk carton/per child

Click here for the online 


Rules for acceptance and participation in the Diocese of Arlington U.S. Department of Agriculture Special Milk Program and all activities of the Child Nutrition programs are the same for all without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability and political beliefs. Free milk is available to children who meet the approved eligibility criteria. Please contact Mr. Cinalli at: dcinalli@smsva.org for details on eligibility criteria. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in any USDA related activity should write to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington D.C. 20250.

Lunch or Milk form are not applicable to Pre-K students.

Questions regarding EZschool Pay or the Milk Form please contact the Business Office: businessoffice@smsva.org.

FAMILIES IN SERVICE (FIS) - Volunteer Positions Catalog & Registration Form


The Families-in-Service (FIS) Program was established in a continuing effort to:

  1. Support the financial needs of The Basilica School of Saint Mary.
  2. Provide services and educational enrichment programs to our children and school staff.
  3. Ensure responsibilities are uniformly distributed and shared among school families.
  4. Offer families opportunities to interact with other children’s parents, school staff, and friends.


The FIS Program offers school families two options for participation each year:

  1. Perform 25 (or 12) creditable service shares in a wide range of school activities or fundraisers;
  2. Make a monetary payment in the amount set by the Home and School Association ($500 for 2 parent families, $250 for single parents). If you choose to submit a payment-in-lieu-of-hours, ($20 per hour unfilfilled), checks can be made payableto St. Mary. In the notes field, please write PILOH (Payment-In-Lieu-Of-Hours) 2019-2020. Please mail to the school Attn: Business Office. You can also request payment be made thru your FACTS account or by credit card by contacting the business office at businessoffice@smsva.org.




  • If you select the option to participate through activities/fundraising that benefit The Basilica School of Saint Mary, your contribution will be measured by the number of hours of service performed. Each family selecting this type of participation helps by fulfilling a minimum of 25 shares per school year and we require each family to commit a few hours to one of our major fundraisers or community events that underwrites special needs that tuition typically does not cover.
  • Single-parent families will participate at a level of a minimum of 12 shares.
  • Only parents, legal guardians or other relatives in the immediate family (including siblings of the student aged 19 or older ) may provide services creditable toward the FIS fulfillment.
  • Parents with pre-kindergarten children only (no older siblings at school) are not required to complete FIS hours.
  • A description of the service/fund-raising activities, including the number of hours that will be credited for participating in each activity is available in the FIS catalog. Look through all the possibilities, decide the areas in which you would like to help, and fill out the forms. Most positions are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis – so submit the registration quickly to increase the likelihood of getting your first choice. We will make every effort to give you the position you prefer.
  • NOTE: The eight HSA Board positions are appointed by the Executive Board to parents who have been at the school for at least one year. Selected critical chair positions (designated by a #) are by appointment as well and, made at the end of the prior school year. If these are positions you may be interested in serving in the future, contact an FIS Coordinator for more information.
  • Don’t be shy! If you would like to participate in a wide range of activities, beyond the minimum shares required, please sign up for as many positions as you prefer. If there are openings available after the initial assignments have been made – we could use your help.
  • All positions designated as "hourly" REQUIRE you sign-in each time you volunteer at school. Sign in at the School CheckIn station in the office of the main building. FIS coordinators routinely track family participation. Please help us keep accurate records to ensure you receive the proper credit for all you do and help us properly account for the contribution you make.
  • Only the volunteer opportunities found in the FIS Catalog will be credited hours. All hours must be FIS, HSA, or CYO related. Any other hours/shares in question need to be approved by the HSA.
  • If you choose the monetary payment option in lieu of service, the payment will be billed as you indicated on the FIS Registration Form at the rate of $500 for 2-parent families and $250 for single-parent families.


  • If you are unable to fulfill your FIS assignment, you must notify FIS and any affected chairperson as soon as possible and definitely before the end of the school year.
  • You may serve up to 2 consecutive school years in a single position. You may continue in that position in subsequent years if no other person applies and at HSA's discretion.
  • You may serve as Room Parent only one year per child (unless no other parents apply) to allow as many different parents as possible the opportunity to serve in that position. Parents or guardians in the same family will be treated as one parent for these purposes.

Contributions to THE BASILICA OF SAINT MARY CANNOT be used to satisfy the monetary or hourly FIS requirements. No other donation of goods, services, or business promotions will be recognized in place of FIS monetary or hourly requirements.

Note: The Basilica of Saint Mary enforces the Arlington Diocesan requirement that all volunteers who have contact with children must complete the entire Protecting God's Children Program which includes a background check and attending a VIRTUS training session.

To become compliant as a volunteer, please Click here to begin the process.

FIS positions designated as having contact with children are clearly marked with an asterisk (*) in the catalog. Please direct any questions regarding the Diocesan requirements to Carmen Federle, The Basilica of Saint Mary Child Protection & Safety Liaison, at cfederele@stmaryoldtown.org

Take a look at this year's complete Catalog of FIS positions, Registration Form and our hours and position information and tracking system:

FIS CATALOG 2019-2020



QUESTIONS: Contact Mrs. Mehgan Perez-Acosta, FIS Chair at: FIS@smsva.org



The Dress code provides a standard for our students, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.  Final decisions regarding the school uniform rest with the principal/administration.

Be sure to become familiar with the Guidelines in the Parent Students Handbook.



Where to purchase: All uniforms are to be purchased through Lands' End, www.landsend.com. Click on "school" > "Find my school" > and enter "Basilica School of Saint Mary" or search by the number: 90005526.

  • Dress Uniform: Dress uniforms are worn on all first Friday Mass days as well as any other dates indicated on the school calendar. This uniform is also acceptable to be worn year-round should you choose. Non-Dress Uniforms are worn all other days.
  • Winter Uniform: October 15 - May 1. Students may not wear shorts or skorts during the winter period.
  • Polos/Oxfords:  All shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Vest/Long-sleeved Sweater: Required for full dress during winter uniform.
  • PE Uniforms:  Hoodies are NOT an option.
  • Belts: Black belt or Saint Mary spirit belt are acceptable.





The following procedure has been developed for the safety and well-being of all our students. We ask for everyone's cooperation and patience when dropping off and picking up children from school. Working together, it is amazing how quickly and efficiently we can safely greet and say goodbye to our student body each day. Please be sure to direct any concerns, issues or problems to the school office.


Students should be on the school grounds by 7:50 a.m. THERE IS NO ADULT SUPERVISION BEFORE 7:30 a.m. The Basilica School of St. Mary has no responsibility or obligation for the safety and welfare of children dropped off before 7:30 a.m. unless they are registered and attending Extended Morning Care. (See details for arrival for Morning Care in section below.) The Basilica School of St. Mary is not held accountable for those who violate this policy.

Classes for students in grades K-5 begin each day at 8:00 a.m. and end with dismissal at

3:15 p.m. (except on Wednesday with dismissal at 2:15 p.m.)

Classes for students in grades 6, 7, & 8 begin each day at 7:55 a.m. and end with dismissal at 3:15 p.m. (except on Wednesday with dismissal at 2:15 p.m.)

The preschool session begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 p.m.

Children remain on the playground until 7:50 a.m. When the whistle blows, the children form classroom lines and proceed to their homerooms. Students are considered late after 8:00 a.m. Kindergarten children will go directly into the gym upon arriving at school,unless they are attending Morning Care.

Middle School students who enter Stephens Hall after 7:55 a.m. will be marked tardy.

Plan for your middle school student(s) to arrive to school with enough time to go to his or her locker prior to first period.

Supervising teachers will be on duty each morning. On rainy days, students in1st-8th grades should go directly into their homeroom to wait for the first bell unless they are attending Morning Care. Parents may not escort their children beyond the front office.


Morning Arrival

Children may be brought to the Basilica School via public transportation arranged by parents or by dropping children off at the Royal Street gates in our carpool line. The Royal Street carpool line forms in the southbound lanes only. Please do not cross Royal Street or make U-turns.

Cars must remain in a single file line and dismiss riders on the Royal Street curbside. Drivers may use Green St. to come into the carpool line, but not to exit it.

Parents of kindergarten students should have the “Little Saint on Board” decal in their passenger side window. This allows our morning patrols to make sure they assist those cars with kindergarten students. Kindergarten will then line up at the bottom of the black top with a teacher aid and then be escorted to the gym by teacher aides in a “kindergarten train.”

If a Pre-K student has a sibling in grades 4 or higher, they may be dropped off in the morning carpool line and then escorted to the Pre-K classroom by their sibling. Please allow time for the sibling to complete this process. If the Pre-K student does not have a sibling in grades 4 or higher then they must follow the drop off procedures in the Pre-K handbook.

Please do not enter or block the alleyway on the side of the school on Green Street.


Afternoon Dismissal

(This plan was made in cooperation with the City of Alexandria Police Department.)

  • 3:12 p.m. Afternoon Prayers and Announcements, followed by Kindergarten dismissal
  • 3:13 p.m. Bus riders will be dismissed
  • 3:14 p.m. All carpool riders will be dismissed to the black top area
  • 3:15 p.m. Walkers will be dismissed

*All walkers must obtain a Walker Pass from the main office at the beginning of the school year. A Walker Pass may be distributed to those students who will be walking to their homes (or parent’s office) after school. The home or office must fall within the boundaries of Washington and King Streets.

Cars coming from the south must make a right turn on Jefferson Street and then turn right on South Royal Street. Cars that are coming from points north enter carpool lanes going south on Royal Street and, then, take a left into the turnabout before the bridge stopping on the east side of Royal St. where the gates of the blacktop begin. Cars will line up and wait for the gates to open. Do not block the driveway to the blacktop where the gates open.

In accordance with the directive by the City of Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, cars may not be left unattended while waiting to enter the school grounds. Please do not block the city recycling bins, any driveways or the blacktop gates.

At 2:55 p.m. the gates will open and cars will be directed to park in straight lines on the blacktop. The cars will enter the blacktop so that the first car lines up parallel to Green Street along the Green Street fence (as opposed to along the curb in front of Stephens Hall). The cars will exit the lot from the Green Street side beginning with the first car that entered the lot per usual. The change will allow us to load the second round of children more efficiently. Please pay attention to the person on duty who will direct you to your lane. Please move forward enough to utilize all spaces. Once the bell has rung, the students will be gathered behind the orange barriers at the top of the blacktop. You are then free to get your child and bring them to your car. All parents are asked to gather their students and return to their car expeditiously so that we can dismiss the first round of vehicles and repeat the process for the second round of cars.

As the first round of cars exit the blacktop, the second round of cars will be directed in the gate to fill the spaces. Parents in the second round of carpool are asked to remain in their cars until the first round has fully exited and the teacher on duty gives the signal. Please note, once the first round of cars have started moving, children must carefully follow all directions from faculty and staff on duty.

It is important that we adhere to the carpool procedures for the safety of the children. Teachers on duty are supervising students and are not available to conference with parents until after 3:35 p.m.

LATE CARPOOL PICKUP: All students, whose carpool has not arrived prior to the time when we dismiss students to the cars during second round, will be sent to Late Carpool Pick-Up, located in the Art classroom. As a guideline, this is usually 15 minutes after dismissal. Parents will be charged a fee of $15 per student until 3:45 p.m. (2:45 p.m. on Wednesdays, or noon on half-days). After 3:45 p.m., late carpool students will be sent to Extended Day and will be charged accordingly. Students registered in Plan A or B will NOT be charged this late pick-up fee.



On August 15, please log into Power School and you will note your child's homeroom teacher assignment there.

SNEAK-A-PEEK GRADES 1-8: August 23, 10:00 am - 12;00 pm

Parents and students in grades 1-8 are invited to an informal "meet and greet" with teachers in classrooms. You are welcome to come for a brief visit anytime during these hours. Students may bring their school supplies with them that day.

If you have not already turned in your completed medical forms you will be able to drop them off.

Kindergarten students will have their "Meet and Greet" on AUGUST 22. Additional information, with assigned times to meet with the teacher, will have been sent via email to each kindergarten family. If you believe you have not received your email, please contact Mrs. Sarah Christie at schristie@smsva.org

Pre-K students will have their "Meet and Greet" during the first week of school (8/26-8/30). Additional information, with assigned times to meet the teacher and visit the classroom, has been sent to each Pre-K family.If you believe you have not received your email, please contact Mrs. Sarah Christie at schristie@smsva.org


School Hours:

7:55 am for grades 6, 7, and 8. Students need to be in their classrooms at this time.

8:00 am for grades PreK – 5. Students need to be in their classroom at this time.

Students may begin to arrive at 7:30 am unless they are registered for Extended Morning Care (see registration above).

Middle school students may enter Stephens Hall upon arrival (after 7:30 am).

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Friday: School will be dismissed at 3:15 pm.

Wednesday: School will be dismissed at 2:15 pm.


First Week Of School Dismissal Times:

  • Monday, August 26 -  11:30 am dismissal - NO Extended Day
  • Tuesday, August 27 -  11:30 am dismissal - Extended Day begins, pack a lunch as lunch will not be available for purchase. Milk will be provided or charged if not in the milk program.
  • Wednesday, August 28 -  2:15 pm dismissal
  • Thursday, August 29 -  3:15 pm dismissal
  • Friday, August 30 -  11:30 am dismissal - lunch will be available for purchase in Extended Day


First day of school for Pre-K students: Tuesday, 9/3/2019

CALENDARS - Sync your calendar to save time!

School calendars may be viewed on the website and may be synced with your devices.

It is recommended to do this now so you're all set for the rest of the year.

Click here for directions on how to sync your device.


  • All families are automatically signed up for the weekly school newsletter "The Messenger." This important newsletter is sent on Thursdays to inform you of the latest school events, updates, possible calendar changes, reminders, news, etc. 
  • Like us on Facebook - "The Basilica School of St. Mary"
  • Follow us on Twitter - SMS_VA
  • Follow us on Instagram - basilicaschoolstmary


All walkers must obtain a Walker Pass. A Walker Pass may be distributed to those students who will be walking to their homes (or parent's office) after school. The home or office must fall within the boundaries of South Washington and King Streets. The Walker Pass is issued through the main office via the form below and passes are collected on the last day of school.

An application is required and approved for each school year. A pass from the previous year will not be honored.

Request for Walker Pass Form


FACTS - This is the tuition and incidental costs management system that we use. You can find a link to FACTS on the Parent Resources landing page or by clicking here. If you forget your password please request a reset from the system.

PowerSchool - This is the student information database that houses all of your household demographic and emergency contact information. For families with students in grades 4-8, you will also use this system to access and track your child's grades. You can find a link to PowerSchool on the Parent Resources landing page or by clicking here. If you forget your password please request a reset from the system.

mySMS - mySMS is the main classroom-to-home communication tool and will have information such as homeroom teacher pages, specials teacher pages and room parent information. The teacher pages will include homework assignments, classroom newsletters, calendars, project information and other important notes. To blog into your mySMS account, please click here.

EZSchool Pay - This is the system that is used to pay for lunch purchases. You must have an EZSchool Pay account linked to a form of payment in order to purchase lunch. You can find a link to EZSchool Pay on the Parent Resources landing page or by clicking here.

PickUp Patrol (PUP) -This is the required online program used to communicate your child's after-school default dismissal plan, and as needed, their change in dismissal plans AND to notify the school of your child(ren's) absence. Questions? send an email to Mrs. Kelly at skelly@smsva.org.

VolunteerMatters - This online system allows parents to check hours and assignments. If you are a new family, you will be receiving an email from VolunteerMatters soon with your username and password. Please login to the system and verify that your demographic information is correct. If you are a current family, your existing username and password is active for login. Click here to log in. If you have any questions about VolunteerMatters, send an email to Mrs. Averil Caroll at averilcarroll@verizon.net. If you have any questions about volunteer hours or requirements please contact FIS@smsva.org.