Health Screening

Vision and Hearing Screening

Vision and Hearing Screenings will be provided by the Lion's Club for students in the third and seventh grades.

Routine screening for vision and hearing are usually done as part of an annual exam at your pediatrician's office.  If your child has had an annual exam, please provide a copy of the updated physical. This will serve as documentation for the third and seventh grade students and will eliminate the need to rescreen through the Lions Club program.

If your child is followed by an opthalmologist or and ENT, please notify the clinic so we make a notation in your student's health file. You may also provide this information on the yearly Confidential Student Health History Update.

Scoliosis Screening

Students in all grades should be screened for abnormal curvature of the spine. This is usually included in your child's routine annual exam at the pediatrician's office.