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FIS- Families-In-Service


The Families-in-Service (FIS) Program was established in a continuing effort to:

  1. Support the financial needs of The Basilica School of Saint Mary.
  2. Provide services and educational enrichment programs to our children and school staff.
  3. Ensure responsibilities are uniformly distributed and shared among school families.
  4. Offer families opportunities to interact with other children’s parents, school staff, and friends.


The FIS Program offers school families two options for participation each year:

  1. Perform 25 (or 12) creditable service shares in a wide range of school activities or fundraisers;
  2. Make a monetary payment in the amount set by the Home and School Association ($500 for 2 parent families, $250 for single parents). If you choose to submit a payment-in-lieu-of-hours, ($20 per hour unfilfilled), checks can be made payableto St. Mary. In the notes field, please write PILOH (Payment-In-Lieu-Of-Hours) 2019-2020. Please mail to the school Attn: Business Office. You can also request payment be made thru your FACTS account or by credit card by contacting the business office at businessoffice@smsva.org.




  • If you select the option to participate through activities/fundraising that benefit The Basilica School of Saint Mary, your contribution will be measured by the number of hours of service performed. Each family selecting this type of participation helps by fulfilling a minimum of 25 shares per school year and we require each family to commit a few hours to one of our major fundraisers or community events that underwrites special needs that tuition typically does not cover.
  • Single-parent families will participate at a level of a minimum of 12 shares.
  • Only parents, legal guardians or other relatives in the immediate family (including siblings of the student aged 19 or older ) may provide services creditable toward the FIS fulfillment.
  • Parents with pre-kindergarten children only (no older siblings at school) are not required to complete FIS hours.
  • A description of the service/fund-raising activities, including the number of hours that will be credited for participating in each activity is available in the FIS catalog. Look through all the possibilities, decide the areas in which you would like to help, and fill out the forms. Most positions are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis – so submit the registration quickly to increase the likelihood of getting your first choice. We will make every effort to give you the position you prefer.
  • NOTE: The eight HSA Board positions are appointed by the Executive Board to parents who have been at the school for at least one year. Selected critical chair positions (designated by a #) are by appointment as well and, made at the end of the prior school year. If these are positions you may be interested in serving in the future, contact an FIS Coordinator for more information.
  • Don’t be shy! If you would like to participate in a wide range of activities, beyond the minimum shares required, please sign up for as many positions as you prefer. If there are openings available after the initial assignments have been made – we could use your help.
  • All positions designated as "hourly" REQUIRE you sign-in each time you volunteer at school. Sign in at the School CheckIn station in the office of the main building. FIS coordinators routinely track family participation. Please help us keep accurate records to ensure you receive the proper credit for all you do and help us properly account for the contribution you make.
  • Only the volunteer opportunities found in the FIS Catalog will be credited hours. All hours must be FIS, HSA, or CYO related. Any other hours/shares in question need to be approved by the HSA.
  • If you choose the monetary payment option in lieu of service, the payment will be billed as you indicated on the FIS Registration Form at the rate of $500 for 2-parent families and $250 for single-parent families.


  • If you are unable to fulfill your FIS assignment, you must notify FIS and any affected chairperson as soon as possible and definitely before the end of the school year.
  • You may serve up to 2 consecutive school years in a single position. You may continue in that position in subsequent years if no other person applies and at HSA's discretion.
  • You may serve as Room Parent only one year per child (unless no other parents apply) to allow as many different parents as possible the opportunity to serve in that position. Parents or guardians in the same family will be treated as one parent for these purposes.

Contributions to THE BASILICA OF SAINT MARY CANNOT be used to satisfy the monetary or hourly FIS requirements. No other donation of goods, services, or business promotions will be recognized in place of FIS monetary or hourly requirements.

Note: The Basilica of Saint Mary enforces the Arlington Diocesan requirement that all volunteers who have contact with children must complete the entire The Child Protection Program which includes a background check, and attending a VIRTUS training session.

FIS positions designated as having contact with children are clearly marked with an asterisk (*) in the catalog. Please direct any questions regarding the Diocesan requirements to Carmen Federle, The Basilica of Saint Mary Child Protection & Safety Liaison, at cfederele@stmaryoldtown.org

Take a look at this year's complete Catalog of FIS positions, Registration Form and our hours and position information and tracking system:

2019-2020 FIS CATALOG





QUESTIONS: Contact Mrs. Mehgan Perez-Acosta, FIS Chair at: FIS@smsva.org