Lunch and Milk

What's for Lunch?

Nutritious hot and cold lunch offerings are available to our students. We take our nutrition seriously, and the trend has been towards providing scratch cooking with healthier plant based meals. 


  • Fresh fruit and salads are served daily
  • Salads are made with fresh baby romaine lettuce, sourced locally, and non GMO 
  • Fresh chicken breast used in chicken entrees
  • BBQ Chicken and Orange Chicken entrees are hand pulled
  • Taco meat is ground in-house fresh
  • Chicken gyro is hand cut and marinated in traditional Greek style seasonings
  • Chicken/lime burger is ground and hand shaped
  • NEW cheese sauce for the mac and cheese is smoother and creamier made with fresh real sharp cheddar cheese
  • Cheddar ranch pasta: mini penne rigate in a creamy, savory cheese sauce
  • AND another Fun Fact: Utensils and straws are biodegradable!