PickUp Patrol




PickUp Patrol is a web based program our parents use to:

  1. Inform the school of their children's after school (default) dismissal plans, and as needed, any changes in dismissal plans
  2. Notify the school of your child's absence due to illness or other reason.
  3. Notify the school of their children's early dismissal or late arrival for appointments.
  4. Pick up children in afternoon carpool. 

Action Required:

  • New families should look for an email from PickUp Patrol, with a link for immediate sign on to create your child(ren)'s dismissal plan(s) and then set up the app on their cell phone. The link is only active for 48 hours after it is received.
  • Returning families, please log in to update your app and set up your default dismissal plan for each of your children by September 7.
  • The link to the PickUp Patrol program is https://app.pickuppatrol.net/parents

How it Works 

  • PUP is free to parents and is accessed from your smartphone or computer. 
  • To report an absence or make a dismissal change, simply log in, select a date, your child, and a plan change option. Then hit submit! You will always receive a confirmation email once the change has been made.  
  • Changes and absences can be entered months in advance, however, submit all same-day changes by 10:45 am on 11:30 am dismissal days, 1:30 pm on 2:15 pm dismissal days, and 2:30 pm on 3:15 pm dismissal days.
  • Teachers will be automatically notified of any dismissal changes for the day and will communicate them to your child.

How to Register 

  • Registration Email: In a few days, you will receive an email with registration instructions to set up your password. Be sure to register right away, because the link will expire soon.
  • Add PUP to your Phone: The PUP app is not accessed through the app stores. Instead, you’ll simply add it to your phone’s home screen for easy access. For instructions on how to add it to your phone's home screen, click here.
  • Setup Default Plans: Once logged in, review/set your child’s Default Plan. This is the normal, regular dismissal plan that they follow on a daily basis.
  • Make Plan Changes: Once registered, please start using PUP to report all plan changes and absences. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Shawn Kelly at skelly@smsva.org if you need help.
Reporting a Student Absent
  • If your child will be absent from school, report this absence through PUP by 8:00 am.