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Click here to login to PowerSchool

PowerSchoolTM is the student information database that houses all of your demographic and emergency contact information. It is also the place where you can access your students grades (for those students in grades 4 - 8).

In the summer we open PowerSchool to all parents so that you may review and update your demographic information. It is important that this information is current and up to date as the school uses this information when we need to contact you and for the school directory. It is also where you make important selections about your emergency contact information, custody information, decision to be included in the school directory or not and where you give permission for us to administer emergency care.

Once school starts the PowerSchool demographic portion of the portal is closed for all students. If you need to make a change to any of your demographic information after it closes, please send an email to Mrs. Lisa Clasen: lclasen@smsva.org. The PowerSchool portal remains open for those in grades 4-8 to access grade information. Students in grades PreK - 3 do not use PowerSchool during the school year.

PowerSchool may be accessed through the school's mobile app, located under the More tab.

If you forget your password please request a reset from the system.