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The Dress code provides a standard for our students, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior. Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for full policy details. Final decisions regarding the school uniform rest with the principal/administration. 



Where to purchase: All uniforms are to be purchased through Lands' End, www.landsend.com. Click on "school" > "Find my school" > and enter "Basilica School of Saint Mary" or search by the number: 900055526.

  • Dress Uniform: Dress uniforms are worn on all first Friday Mass days as well as any other dates indicated on the school calendar. This uniform is also acceptable to be worn year-round should you choose. Non-Dress Uniforms are worn all other days. Shorts my not be worn on dress uniform days.
  • Winter Uniform: November 1 - April 1. Students may not wear shorts or skorts during the winter period.
  • Polos/Oxfords:  All shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Vest/Long-sleeved Sweater: Required for full dress during winter uniform.
  • PE Uniforms:  Hoodies are NOT an option.
  • Belts: Black belt or Saint Mary spirit belt are acceptable.
  • Watches: One watch is permitted (smart watches are not allowed).
  • Middle School Boys: Boys in grades 6-8 may wear uniform shorts provided by Lands' End during non-Winter uniform time.

UNIFORM BY GRADE - SHOE & SOCK POLICY - P.E./GYM (click through tabs)