Saints Families


The Basilica School of Saint Mary launched a multi-age initiative in 2011, combining students from all grade levels into groups. We call these groups "families". Each family has roughly 28 members, with members from each grade in each family. Multi-age grouping allows children to spend time with students of different ages over the years, promoting mentoring, and helping to foster leadership, responsibility, and a sense of community as the children participate in activities together. Some of the activities that our families participate in include:

  • Walk for the Homeless Fundraiser
  • Attending Stations of the Cross
  • Creating Hallway Nativity Scenes
  • Attending Lenten Retreat
  • Playing "Family BINGO" during Catholic Schools Week
  • Participating as Field Day Teams

Reading Buddy Mentors

Additionally, older students become "reading buddies" for our younger students. These older students come into the lower grade classrooms and read from time to time with their younger buddies. Often, the students will have time to discuss their readings and even complete an art project to go along with it. Becoming an older buddy is an exciting rite of passage for our older students.