Student Council

Each year the school elects new officers and class representatives to the Student Council. Classes in grades 4-8 are represented on the Student Council. Elections are held in the fall for all officers and representatives, with meetings beginning soon thereafter under the supervision of a faculty member. The Student Countcil meets during school hours on a monthly basis.

The mission of the Student Council is to help serve the student body and the community through active giving and school spirit. Examples of their good works include: donating winter clothing to Catholic Charities, leading the Annual Food Drive for Christ House, hosting a lunchtime bake sale for grades 2-8 before Valentine's Day and grades K-1 before St. Patrick's Day.

Students may run for offices based on their grade, as indicated below:

President 8th graders
Vice President 7th graders
Treasurer 7th and 8th graders
Secretary 7th and 8th graders
Chaplain 6th graders