Congratulations to January Winners!
Students of the Month January 2024
Student of the Month January Virtue of  Gratitutde











Congratulations to our incredible Students of the Month for January for the Virtue of Gratitude!

This month, we celebrate the virtue of gratitude, and these outstanding students have indeed embodied this quality in their actions and attitudes. Whether it's expressing appreciation for their teachers, classmates, or the learning journey, these students have shown us the power of a thankful heart.

Keep spreading those good vibes and gratitude, and continue inspiring us all with your kindness and appreciation! 

Grades 6-8 Students: Will Fontaine, Hunter Longley, Natalie Welsch, Colette Jones, Will Spicer, LuLu Fischer, Noelle Mielke Stantchev, Chase Hollas, Finian Conrad

Grades K-5 Students: Charlotte Turrisi, Aiden Hansen, Nick McCall, Ellie Munozcano, Alison Schaper, Sullivan Smith, Allison Myers, Aidan Daniels, Madeline Snyder, Olivia Fall, Maeve Mahoney, Tommy Killian, Ethan Griffith, Louisa Gunderson, Bree Polk

Some students who earned this recognition are not shown in pictures or named for reasons of privacy.