Father Hathaway blesses Cross to top the Mary, Tower of Ivory

September 21, 2023 – In a solemn ceremony today, Father Hathaway, our Pastor and leader, with the assistance of Father Peter, bestowed a blessing upon a magnificent gilded cross set to grace the pinnacle of the Mary, Tower of Ivory, an integral part of the St. James Library Media Center.

With the sun's rays casting a heavenly glow, Principal Loia, members of National Junior Honor Society students, Student Council representatives, and several members of our administration gathered to witness this symbolic event. The Mary, Tower of Ivory, named in honor of the patron saint of scholars and knowledge seekers, is a testament to the community's commitment to learning and enlightenment.

The gilded cross, crafted with intricate detail, will crown the Tower of Ivory as a symbol of spiritual guidance and the pursuit of wisdom. Father Hathaway's blessing marks a momentous step in the construction of the St. James Library Media Center, which promises to be a hub of knowledge, research, and spiritual development for generations to come.

The school community eagerly anticipates the Tower's completion and the Library's grand opening, as it promises to be a place where faith, education, and community converge in harmony.