Announcing the Winners - Keeping Christ In Christmas Contest

Join us in congratulating the winners and runners-up for the Knights of Columbus Keeping Christ in Christmas contest!  Mrs. Casey joined Mr. Cinalli on stage after Mass to present the certificates. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for hosting this contest, and to Mrs. Casey for organizing and managing it with our students.  

Keeping Christ In Christmas

Art Contest 2021

Age Division: 5-7

Beckett Collins - 1st Place

Cecilia Wells - 2nd Place

Niamh Nigra - 3rd Place

Hadley Brouillette - Honorable Mention

Emi Gilloon - Honorable Mention


Age Division 8-10

Andrea Romero-Collette - 1st Place

Ella Schwarz - 2nd Place

Rigby Spicer - 3rd Place

Emma Atala  - Honorable Mention

Abigail Kolich - Honorable Mention

Grace Morgan - Honorable Mention


Age Division 11-14

Gabriella Trapasso - 1st Place

Elisa Manolo - 2nd Place

Rose O’Brien - 3rd Place

Mary Carlson Loving - Honorable Mention