Isaac Newton and Pre-K STEM - Bodies in Motion, Stay in Motion
“A body in motion stays in motion.” Mrs. Drake’s Pre-K class demonstrates Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion when her energetic 4-year-old students interact with The Ramp Motion Project. As pictured above, they use a cardboard ramp, red solo cups, and small balls of varying weights to experiment with motion, angles, distance, and speed, and exercise their bodies.
Mrs. Drake explains, “We examine how moving the ramp up or down changed the speed and distance of the balls, and try various ways of getting the balls into the solo cups. The best part of all is the giggling, skipping, and running after the balls to strengthen our bodies and reaching to the top of the ramp to work our writing muscles.”
STEM projects are introduced at The Basilica School of Saint Mary as early as Pre-Kindergarten. A blog post from Stanford University's DREME (Development and Early Research in Math Education) website, cites Allysa A. Lange, PhD, “Recent research underlines the importance of early STEM skills and knowledge for children, and the value of supporting educators in early STEM teaching. What young children learn about math and science by the time they enter kindergarten can have an impact on children’s academic outcomes down the road.” Click here to learn more.