Our Virtual Learning Support Faculty Provide Clarity and Direction

With the need to provide our school families with an online learning option and resources to support at-home students, the school has employed the virtual faculty team of Minkiewicz, White, Friebis, and Fitzpatrick to support our online learners. (Pictured left to right top to bottom) Mrs. Kate Minkiewicz works with the Prekindergarten, Mrs. Caroline White works with grades K-2, Mrs. Regina Friebis works with grades 3-5, and Mrs. Ellen Fitzpatrick with grades 6-8. This cadre of dedicated educators lend support and work in collaboration with the classroom teachers during the virtual stream of instruction that runs the full schedule of the school day. It requires monitoring questions and concerns, clarifying misunderstandings and pushing into multiple grade-level Zoom calls to assist and help teach, many times after instruction has taken place. In middle school, Mrs. Fitzpatrick helps with students’ transition into the upper grades organizationally and socially.

Most often, students ask where to find a resource, or what they are supposed to be doing at that time, or “do you like my work?” Parents ask, “How do we help our child login?” Whatever the questions may be, this team stands ready to assist and is constantly adapting to the lessons that are scheduled for the week. Our parents have been especially appreciative of the assistance and support. One parent has commented, “We not only put our faith in God to guide us in this time, but we know our school is doing all it can to support our family and our children.”