Saint Thomas More - Champion of Justice

The Virtue of the Month summary is written by Izzy Carosi, 8th Grade student and President of the Student Council. 

Justice is the steady disposition, or habit, in someone to give other people their due, or what they are owed. Justice is an extremely important virtue to have, especially in our world today. A great example of a Saint that demonstrated Justice is Saint Thomas More. Saint Thomas More’s father was a very well-respected lawyer and judge of London. This inspired Thomas to study law as well. He worked very hard and became one of London’s top lawyers. Throughout Thomas’s works, history shows us that he continued to live a life of prayer and piety. Thomas was knighted and made the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Saint Thomas More became good partners with King Henry VIII through all of their work together. During Thomas’ new tenures he constantly made sure to stay loyal to the Church and always do what is right. Thomas later decided that he could no longer work with King Henry because he saw that Henry had lost his way as a Catholic. 

Saint Thomas More worked extremely hard to do what was right and give everyone what they were due. We can all look up to Saint Thomas More as a great example of a saint who understood the meaning of justice. Like Saint Thomas More, may we too stand up for what is right and work towards justice every day.