School Spirit Shines on Field Day

"It was so much fun, fun, fun!" This reaction was unanimous among our students and teachers who participated in friendly competitions during Field Day 2021.  Students, gathered by homerooms competed in various activities including the one shown here, Cup to Cup. Students in this activity lined up in a straight line. The first student started with a full cup of water and carefully lifted it up and poured it into the next student’s cup behind them. The winning class is judged on how much water is left in the class at the end of the line. 

Field Day included competitions like the Free Throw Relay, Tall Tower Time Attack, Sponge Bucket Relay, and more. Online students participated from home and were counted among the competitors. Points were awarded to winning teams who were announced at the end of the day, during a school assembly. Our winner of the coveted Sportsmanship Award went to Sra. Franklin's 8th grade homeroom and the winner of overall points earned and the Field Day Paddle is Mrs. Costello's 6th grade homeroom. Many thanks to Mrs. Bruce and Mr. Dowell, PE teachers, and to the parent volunteers who assisted in making this traditionally fun day special for everyone!