Showing your Mercy

 by Erin Allen, 6th-Grade Student, and Student Council Chaplain

Mercy is showing compassion or forgiveness to all those who have been afflicted.

Every person on this Earth is a sheep in Jesus’ flock, and we are called to help lead each other back to our Shepherd whenever we fall into sin or are struggling in any way. If we are able to live out this important virtue, we are being the face of Christ to everyone we see, and are setting up a Holy habit of mercy in our lives. 

Here are some specific ways to demonstrate Mercy in daily interactions:

Grades 6-8: Giving to those in need is one of the best ways to show mercy. To do this, make a donation to your Rice Bowl this Lent. Even just a donation of $5 each week can really change the lives of people in need. If you don’t give to your Rice Bowl, make a donation online to Christ House, or donate food to the Saint Lucy Project. Especially during the pandemic, every donation, great or small counts. Giving to the afflicted can not only change the life of someone in need, but it can also keep your soul cleaner by demonstrating mercy.

Grades 3-5: When you take a walk around your neighborhood, smile or wave to those who walk by or say hello. This may seem like a simple act, but even just saying one word to someone whom you pass can make their day. Sure, it’s something as small as waving to a neighbor, but it helps you to brighten someone’s life and even make yourself happier. 

Grades K-2: Practice forgiving your siblings or friends whenever they do something wrong that affects you. Although it may not always be easy to do this, looking inside others and seeing they are truly sorry for their actions can help us to put their sins aside for a minute and forgive them. This helps us to demonstrate Christ-like behavior and to get into a good habit of easily showing mercy.