Who is the Expert?

Third-grade student Gabriel Daniels shows his book: Super Mario Odyssey.

Students in Miss Shufflebarger's third-grade class wrote their own chapter books to practice the art of expository writing. They chose a topic they were an “expert” on and taught their readers all about it.  As they wrote each chapter, they also experimented with various nonfiction text structures - such as main idea and details, problem-solution, cause-effect, and pros vs. cons. Miss Shufflebarger took them through each step of the writing process - brainstorm, first draft, edit, final, and then publication. Some examples of topics students wrote about include animals, gymnastics and ballet, baking, Pokémon, Minecraft, swimming, oceans, and so many more!

Miss Shufflebarger

Miss Shufflebarger shared, " My favorite part of teaching this unit was seeing how each student took a small idea they had and expanded it to include so many interesting and exciting details. When I first explained the project to them, some students were a little overwhelmed and thought “how can I write an entire book?” But as they began, they realized they knew so much more than they gave themselves credit for!  I think the students’ favorite part of the project was the first introductory lesson. They were challenged to record themselves with their iPad, talking through and teaching a lesson about their “expert” topic. We’re going to begin our writing project by not writing...what a crazy idea! Students enjoyed getting into the “teacher “ character. 

We learned a lot about the writing process and what real writers and editors go through to publish a book. Students were very proud of their finished works and even decorated covers to go with them. I am proud of their hard work and dedication!"