Why, Father Nicholas, Why?

How do saints become saints?
Does God love the Devil?
Is the star of the wise men still in the sky today?

These are just a few of the questions the curious first-grade students in Mrs. Harden’s classroom wonder about. Thankfully, Fr. Nicholas is always up for the challenge of trying to answer their hows and whys of our Catholic faith. 

To make his classroom visits even more interesting, Mrs. Harden recently added a special question box called “Why, Fr. Nicholas, Why?” Thanks to the creativity of the Coleman Family, the first-grade Shining Stars now can write down their questions when inspiration strikes and add them to the box, so they are at the ready each time Fr. Nicholas stops by.

Fr. Nicholas tells us, " It is not uncommon for a classroom to have a question box for the priest’s visit, but often it is a shoebox or plastic pencil box.  The care given to designing the question box in Mrs. Harden’s classroom reminds us how important our questions about God and our Faith really are.  I laughed when I saw my picture and the words on the question box: a lot of pressure to deliver good answers!  Sometimes, I join the children in seeking answers, asking “Why, God, Why?” or asking for advice from wiser priests. One of my favorite things about the question box and classroom visits—as I’ve told some of our students and teachers—is that my favorite homily material comes from students’ questions and conversations in the classroom!"